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Vote for Emily

I cannot understand how does anyone consider that Emily is not FANTABULOS in this outfit.  They criticize her for that t-shirt... It's only a kitty!! I don't know what's the problem with it!! It's not as if it was a Zebra... That  would be definitely weird. But a wild cat? They say that it is looking at you as if it were about to jump over you!! C'mon... It's only a picture!!! Stop saying silly things.
Emily looks just great. She looks a lot younger, and happier than usual... And the kitty eyes match with hers...
Ok. I like the T-shirt. You can criticize me too, but I find it strong, wild... and not even a bit tacky. And it's eco-green, and pure fashion as it's from Stella McCartney collection.

So... Vote for Emily. They're comparing Emily with Megan Fox that was wearing the same T-shirt with black capri trousers... and a pair of purple stripped pseudo sandals that didn't match at all with the rest of the clothes... Purple!!! And all Stripped to above the ankle!!! If you're wearing  capris DON'T USE ANYTHING that shortens your legs, directs others attention to just your feet and please... Try to use only one shocking item at a time... You can choose those shoes with another top, simpler, and then the shoes will be the important thing or, like Emily, use simple slacks, simple salon shoes and the T-shirt as the center. But NEVER a bunch of clothes that makes people indecisive about to where to (or not to) look at.  Ah!! And try not to mix suede with leather...

So, let's vote for Emily's outfit... She is better, no doubt!!





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