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I can't believe I haven't written a single word here in MONTHS!!! And with everything that's been happening on the show... And out of it!!!
So it's been 5months, 14 episodes of Bones and not a single comment.


I should be commenting on the ep100 spoilers, or fangirling over the ep100 party... Talking about Fish, Fails and eventual happenings... Sometimes I feel I'm not a good fan... LoL

I'm busy with RL: this crappy thing of having to study and so, occupy a huge amount of my tima. Ok, ok... Also twitter... Not that I'm a twitholic!!! NOOOOOO!!!! (But I'd prefer not having to prove it, ok?) ... And LJ is just different... I've never written a diary/journal, and even after all these months since I created this account, i'm still trying to figure out how this really works.
I guess I can post here some icons... or wallpapers (a girl has to change her Twitter BG from time to time...), and my English fics (because yes, I've written a couple of little things in English too).
Yes, I think I'll be posting those things...

Although I know that now that I've decided to give this a serious try again, I'll be lacking the time to update as often as I'd like to.

Life... *sigh*


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