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News for Bones... Is Sully gonna be back?

When we all thought that Sully was definitely out of Bones...  that Eddie McCormick  had enough work to do at Warehouse 13 and we had gotten rid of his character,  it resulted to be not totally exact.
We've been given a scoop (mega buzz, if you use their words) by the Tv Guide:
Read it

I feel like commenting it!!

Hart Hanson doesn't deny the possibility of Sully returning to Brennan's life, I would even say that he is admitting the fact that Sully is going to be back. Sooner than we expect.
If we think of it seriously, it makes sense.
Sully left to sail more than two years ago, and the way he did it wasn't definitive. There was no big argument with Brennan, no more pain than the evident for his departure. They had a good relationship until that moment, strong, and it could have survived if he hadn't go. Sailing alone can make anyone think too much, and it is very possible that (if not married with a polynesian girl that had met in his trip) he realized the silliness that was leaving behind a girl like Brennan.
He may come to reconquer her, that's true, but I doubt it.
The simple thing that he is back I think is enough for making us go nuts, dying of anxiety. Know that he can alter the beginning of something between B&B...
Moreover, if he appears to stay in Bren's life, Booth may be forced to make a move but that move can be in two ways... or forwards: to Brennan, afraid of losing her a second time in his hands; or backwards, forgetting his love for Brennan and opening himself to another person... Maybe Perotta?
And Brennan herself may have to decide if  she acts (feeling and following those that we - and she- know are her feelings) or if she simply reacts... And the worst (i've realized) is that as literal she is, she might think that the "Everything happens eventually" Booth told her in the deck after Sully's departure was referred to Sully, and not themselves!!! That would be arwwwww!!

It's complicated... It can end being simple, though. If they just  sense the pressure of Sully coming back and decide to make their move/s...
And of course it'd be funny to see those sessions with Sweets, when they try to explain to him what happened with Sully... And embarrasing thenselves and Sweets...


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