There are lots of web pages that are always are well (very well) informed about everything, I mean everything that happens involving Bones. That's the reason why I don't post often. 
Having  the_bct, a.e. what's the need??
I don't have time to make comments, althought I will be the whole day talking, breathing, dreaming, thinking of Bones...

What's that I'm trying to say?... I'm not sure... Just that if anyone came around here expecting something, will be disappointed... I'm a boring person...
Maybe not that boring... LoL Let's say that I am a little lazy...

Fanfic: Another Point Of View Won't Make The Result Change

I said I'll be posting stuff here, and here I am. Not new, but I'm using LJ, and that's what I wanted to do!

For some weeks, I felt the need to write something about the #100 and finally, my muse brought this little fic with her. In English, which is not my first language (at all). But, well, Musie sets the rules...

Thanks a lot to Monisse who found time, despite her exams, and betaed this.

Title: Another Point Of View Won't Make The Result Change
Author: bb_ones 
Pairing/Characters: Brennan/Booth, Sweets
Rating: K+
Spoilers: Up to Episode 100.
Summary: They say there is a misapprehension on the book, but Sweets, as a not-too-impartial observer, thinks otherwise. My little take on the events surrounding the #100 ep.
I tried to offer with this fic, based on the spoilers, a POV on the events of the episode that didn't give away too much. I'd say that I tried to play w/the storyline in neutral, avoiding turning this into an AU story.


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I can't believe I haven't written a single word here in MONTHS!!! And with everything that's been happening on the show... And out of it!!!
So it's been 5months, 14 episodes of Bones and not a single comment.


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Más de la Premiere... Clips de Audio
Por si alguien dudaba que era Navidad para Bones, otra noticia. Más spoilers de la Premiere. Más que spoilers, son trozos del audio del capi... A este ritmo, nos queda muy poquito por saber, ya...

Son 6 clips de unos 30 segundos cada uno que son de sonido o algo así de la premiere.
Fue una tarea difícil oírlos, porque se los baneaban a [info]forensicmama   nada más colgarlos. Entre la gente debieron de conseguir los clips, y al final pudimos escucharlos. No sé exactamente a quién dar los créditos,  así que lo siento, si alguien se siente ofendido (que  me lo diga y lo arreglo).

Yo estoy como anestesiada...  Pongo la traducción. Disculpas anticipadas por los errores...   


Leed la 3 y la 5...Collapse ).

Dead Man's Party
It's been a long time since I don't post anything here, but I'm in the mood to spread bones love all around. What I mean is that I could post the dancing promo everywhere...
I've seen it more times than I thought it was possible, I've sang the song all day long, I've danced... I've even made icons!!!
So I've decided to post it too here... That way even if I don't update in a long time, the Dancing B&B Party will be welcoming me!!!

Of course, the Dancing Promo is Fox property... But we are borrowing it for our leisure/pleasure!!!



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News for Bones... Is Sully gonna be back?

When we all thought that Sully was definitely out of Bones...  that Eddie McCormick  had enough work to do at Warehouse 13 and we had gotten rid of his character,  it resulted to be not totally exact.
We've been given a scoop (mega buzz, if you use their words) by the Tv Guide:
Read it

I feel like commenting it!!

Hart Hanson doesn't deny the possibility of Sully returning to Brennan's life, I would even say that he is admitting the fact that Sully is going to be back. Sooner than we expect.
If we think of it seriously, it makes sense.Collapse )

Article about the premiere (and translation to Spanish)
I've read the article about the premiere on zap2it, as it's been posted in various places... It's relevant just because it's the first "serious" one about the premiere, and because it has spoilers. So if you want to read it here is the link to the page:

Source: Korbi Tv
Must say that I found about it viaforensicmama.
And I think I'll link too to the_bct.

For saying something quite new, I can offer you a translation to Spanish.


Lee la traducciónCollapse )


I was thinking of HH twitter. We know a lot about S5 by now due to his wish to be in touch w/ the fandom. I'm so thankful!!
So, we know who the director of the premiere is gonna be: Ian Toynton. We also know that Noah Hawley (co-producer and fantastic writer of some episodes like The Blonde In the Game, The Knight in The Grid and the classic of classics The Man In The Cell) is probably not working on Bones anymore as he has been "hired" by the ABC for som Huge project. That's a pity... We do deserve some episode like The Man... Hope that whoever is writing for S5 has the same muse...
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Vote for Emily

I cannot understand how does anyone consider that Emily is not FANTABULOS in this outfit.  They criticize her for that t-shirt... It's only a kitty!! I don't know what's the problem with it!! It's not as if it was a Zebra... That  would be definitely weird. But a wild cat? They say that it is looking at you as if it were about to jump over you!! C'mon... It's only a picture!!! Stop saying silly things.
Emily looks just great. She looks a lot younger, and happier than usual... And the kitty eyes match with hers...
Ok. I like the T-shirt. You can criticize me too, but I find it strong, wild... and not even a bit tacky. And it's eco-green, and pure fashion as it's from Stella McCartney collection.

So... Vote for Emily. They're comparing Emily with Megan Fox that was wearing the same T-shirt with black capri trousers... and a pair of purple stripped pseudo sandals that didn't match at all with the rest of the clothes... Purple!!! And all Stripped to above the ankle!!! If you're wearing  capris DON'T USE ANYTHING that shortens your legs, directs others attention to just your feet and please... Try to use only one shocking item at a time... You can choose those shoes with another top, simpler, and then the shoes will be the important thing or, like Emily, use simple slacks, simple salon shoes and the T-shirt as the center. But NEVER a bunch of clothes that makes people indecisive about to where to (or not to) look at.  Ah!! And try not to mix suede with leather...

So, let's vote for Emily's outfit... She is better, no doubt!!




Sides for 5x01 "Harbingers in The Fountain"
I haven't posted it before because I was too busy... Reading them, meditating them... They're interesting... Even if they're fake(more than fake I would say outdated), we know about the plot of the episode. Can't wait for it any way. There is a particular scene that might be what we all want to see. A probability.
To view the sides go to the_bct.You can also comment there... If you speak Spanish, and prefer to read the in that language there's a translation by dra_escapulain her Lj.  Here and here.


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